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Flex Debit Card
Flex Debit Card

Am I allowed to use my debit card to pay for OTC medicines and drugs?
Yes. Due to a late December 2010 IRS ruling, you are allowed to use your debit card to pay for OTC medicines and drugs using your debit card if certain conditions are met. This capability is being implemented by pharmacies and mail-order/web-based drug vendors. Debit card use for OTC medicines and drugs is allowed so long as you: 1. obtain a prescription for the medicine or drug from your physician and present it to the pharmacist, 2. the medication is dispensed by a pharmacist and 3. the transaction is assigned an Rx number.

In general, when am I not required to submit receipts?
- Recurring expenses (the amount charged and merchant information must match the exact dollar amount and merchant information for each successive expense)
- Co-payments (if enrolled in employer’s medical plan)
- Prescriptions (when purchased at a certified IIAS retailer)
- IIAS retailers

In general, when am I required to submit receipts?
- Co-payments (if not enrolled in employer’s medical plan)
- Optometry and dental expenses
- Other non-confirmable transactions

What information should be included on supporting documentation (for example: receipts) submitted to have Flex Debit Card transactions approved?
Supporting documentation must clearly show: Name of person receiving service, nature of service or supplies, name and address of care provider, amount charged, date the service was provided. For some expenses, a doctor's note may be required to verify that the expense qualifies as medical care.

How does the Flex Debit Card work?
You present the debit card to a qualifying provider or merchant. If charges meet basic eligibility requirements and the necessary funds are available, the provider receives direct payment. You will be notified by email or mail if you are required to submit receipts proving your expense was FSA eligible.

When using my Flex Debit Card, when prompted, should I use debit or credit?
Starting in March 2013, you will have the option of using credit or debit. If you have not yet received your PIN Number in the mail, we suggest you use the credit option.

Why was a PIN Number mailed to me for my Flex Debit Card?
Effective April 1, 2013, by law, all debit card holders are required to have the option to use credit or debit. In order to use debit, a PIN Number has been provided. Please Note: Dependents with Flex Debit Card will not receive a separate PIN Number, but will use the primary cardholder's PIN Number.

Please click here for more information about the required changes for debit cards.

Are my transactions Credit or Debit Card transactions?
While visiting a merchant, if you are asked whether your transactions should be “debit or credit,” your response should always be Credit.

Can I order a Flex Debit Card for one of my dependents?
If you would like to order an additional Flex Debit Card for one or more of your dependents, please login to your MyCrosbyBenefits.com Reimbursement Portal and click on your Profile tab. Make sure your dependent is listed within the Dependent section (or add a new Dependent) and order a new card once they appear as a dependent.

What is IIAS?
IIAS stands for Inventory Information Approval System. IIAS technology makes it possible to track merchandise as "eligible" or "ineligible" under your Medical Flexible Spending Account at pharmacies, grocery stores, discount stores, wholesale clubs, mail-order vendors and web-based vendors. For instance, when you check out at a retailer that has an IIAS, items in your shopping cart will be identified as "eligible" or "ineligible." You will be allowed to use your Flex Debit Card to pay for eligible items but will be required to use another method of payment for ineligible items. If your transactions are automatically approved at the time of check-out, you will not be asked to submit a receipt to Crosby.

If you use your card at a non-IIAS compliant retailer, your transaction may be denied.

What retailers are IIAS compliant?
Click here* for a full list of pharmacies, grocery stores, discount stores and wholesale clubs that have implemented certified IIAS technology. You may also click here* to search for an IIAS retailer in your area.

*These lists have been furnished by SIGIS, the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards and contains SIGIS Certified IIAS and 90% Merchants. Merchants are not required by the IRS to implement a SIGIS Certified IIAS as they can implement their own proprietary system.

What is the IRS 90% Rule?
Related to the non-use of Inventory Information Approval Systems (IIAS), the IRS has created an exemption for drug stores and pharmacies (on a location by location basis) that have gross receipts of 90% or more in the prior taxable year consisting of items that qualify as medical expenses. Exempt stores may certify themselves as adhering to this rule and in these cases, a special exception may be made to allow debit card transactions at these stores.

Click here* to search for a certified 90% vendor in your area.

*This list has been furnished by SIGIS, the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards and contains SIGIS Certified IIAS and 90% Merchants. Merchants are not required by the IRS to implement a SIGIS Certified IIAS as they can implement their own proprietary system.

What amount can I access by using my Flex Debit Card?
Your available balance is your annual election minus previous eligible transactions made with the Flex Debit Card or via traditional reimbursement. Please note: if your purchase exceeds your balance, the transaction will not be approved at time of purchase.

What happens if I do not substantiate my expense?
If you do not substantiate expenses, here is what you can expect:
- Two requests for receipts will be sent to you by email or mail
- If the request is not satisfied within 90 days of the transaction, your expense will be considered ineligible
- Your card will be temporarily deactivated
- You must mail a check to cover ineligible amounts along with a flex debit card refund form to re-activate your card. Your card will be reactivated approximately four business days after the check is received.

What if my card gets lost or stolen and someone tries to buy products or services with my card?
Login into the MyCrosbyBenefits.com Reimbursement Account portal immediately if your card is lost or stolen and click on your Profile tab. Within the Debit Card section, click the Report Lost/Stolen Card.

If you do not recognize a transaction as one of your own, contact Crosby immediately and a Crosby representative will assist you with getting a new card and/or guide you through the transaction dispute process.

Am I issued a new card every year I participate?
No. As long as you do not have a break in participation, you should continue to use your current Flex Debit Card until the expiration date printed on the card. If you are an active participant at the time the card expires, a new card will be mailed to you.

What if I don’t want to use the Flex Debit Card?
You do not need to use the Flex Debit Card. You can submit your eligible expenses directly to Crosby for reimbursement. To manually submit a request for reimbursement, please send proof of an incurred expense(s) (i.e. an itemized bill or receipt along with a completed Reimbursement Request Form found here).

Receipts must include: name of the person who received service, name and address of the service provider, nature of the service or supplies (drug name if submitting a prescription or over-the-counter medication), amount of the reimbursable expense and the date(s) of service(s).

What if I lose my receipt or purchase an ineligible item with the Flex Debit Card?
If you are unable to substantiate a Flex Debit Card expense because you have lost your receipt or purchased an ineligible item, you can refund your account by submitting payment along with a completed Refund Form, available here.

Who is WageWorks?
Crosby Benefit Systems has become a part of WageWorks, Inc. on May 1, 2013. WageWorks is a leading on-demand provider of tax-advantaged programs for consumer-directed health, commuter and other employee spending account benefits, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, parking and transit programs.

What does this change mean for Crosby?
Crosby chose to become a division of WageWorks to benefit from the extensive expertise, technology, and service resources a leading national administrator can offer. Crosby will continue to provide service to clients and participants from our office in Newton. We will operate as a local office, with close ties to our clients. Our phone numbers and websites will remain the same.

Does Crosby offer a Mobile App for Reimbursement Account holders?
Yes, Crosby’s Reimbursement Portal Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android devices and grants you quick access to an array of reimbursement account information via your smart phone including:

- Claim Entry
- Receipt Upload Using Photo Capture
- Account-At-A-Glance (account data and available funds)
- Recent Transaction Review

How can I get the Mobile App for Reimbursement Account holders?
Obtaining the Mobile App is simple. Download the App from your device's App store or scan a QR code found within the Mobile App section of the Reimbursement Account portal (via www.mycrosbybenefits.com).

Please Note: Users must first set their Mobile App username & password found within the Mobile App section of the Reimbursement Account portal. The Mobile App's username/password credentials will be different from those that you use for MyCrosbyBenefits.com.