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Commuter Benefits

Getting to work should be easy for your employees. Our commuter benefit services make this possible. Are you ready for professional management of your commuter benefits program?

With years of experience managing the customer service and technical components of commuter plans, we have studied the angles and devised an approach that takes the burden away from companies and puts control where it should be:

Participants place orders for transit passes or parking payment through the web → HR takes deductions from paychecks → Crosby takes care of the rest.

From plan design, through implementation and administrative outsourcing, our clients have partnered with us to relieve them from managing the entire commuter function.

Advantages of a Commuter Benefit:

  • Clients gain freedom from the administrative burdens and customer service challenges often associated with transit and parking programs.
  • Businesses that offer commuter benefit plan have reported decreased absenteeism, improved employee morale and better employee retention.
  • Federal legislation behind Commuter programs brings significant tax-savings for participating employers and employees.
  • An often tired, monthly headache to Human Resources is transformed into a hassle-free benefit to attract and retain employees.

Transportation system directors love us because they can offer sustainable commuter programs without having to work daily with transit authorities and parking lot management companies. Participants appreciate the regular emailed updates and self-service options they get with their discounted transit and parking benefits.