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Reimbursement Accounts

 Flexible Spending Accounts | Health Reimbursement Arrangements | Health Savings Accounts

There is always a better way. With constant developments in the FSA, HRA and HSA arenas, we diligently develop our service and our systems to maximize the benefits these consumer driven healthcare building blocks have to offer.

We take a consultative approach to outsourced benefits which means our professional services are the most compliant and the most flexible. We commit ourselves to education: for our participants (to increase participation and satisfaction), for our clients (to reduce work and risk) and for our staff (to provide the best service available).

Crosby professionally implements and manages an ongoing process you help design. Then, we coordinate the entire communication loop to ensure you receive compliant and efficient service.


Features of our reimbursement account services include:

  • Flex Debit Card for FSAs, HRAs and HSAs
  • Web Enrollment
  • MyCrosbyBenefits.com Web Portal
  • 5500 and Nondiscrimination Testing Compliance Services

Finance executives appreciate our services because we embrace compliance and reduce risk. Human Resource directors like us because we run a smooth service and keep their employees satisfied.