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Tuition Reimbursement

Education is expensive. It is also vital to maintain a proficient and dynamic workforce. You might look to a tuition reimbursement program to attract, retain and develop the best employees in your industry.

The rules and requirements for structuring tuition plans are less defined than other reimbursement plans. Therefore, more design, skill and systems capacity are needed to establish and manage the tuition reimbursement program that suits your workforce. With our tuition plan management experience, Crosby offers an outsourced approach to what is commonly an in-house function.


Our tuition reimbursement service includes:

  • Systems development to meet specific business rules
  • Participant eligibility verification
  • Claim auditing and payment issuance via check or direct deposit
  • Online and live customer service
  • Service specific reporting

Benefit administrators seek our tuition services because it means the benefits department can focus on the strategic, rather than day-to-day issues associated with the administrative burden of tuition reimbursement processing. CFOs choose our services because our reports allow for true cost accountability.