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June 2011: In This Issue

Account Access At Your Fingertips

Want A Healthy Section 125 Plan?

News Flash: 2012 HSA Limits Announced

New Commuter Laws In The Works & MTA Update

Reminder: PO Box / Lock Box Changes Coming Soon


June 12-14ASHHRA 2011 Region I Conference @ the Newport Hyatt Regency, Newport, RI

July 4: Independence Day

August 10-12: ECFC's 24th Annual Flexible Benefit Administrators' Symposium @ the Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT


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Our process is designed to distribute, track and store Employee HIRD Forms so that you don't have to.

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Account Access At Your Fingertips

Training Sessions Available For Web Based Systems


Description: offers valuable online tools for participants and employers utilizing our Reimbursement and Commuter Benefit services, including helpful management reports that are readily available to you.


If you need assistance, require an initial training or if you're ready for additional training for any of our online systems or ongoing processes, we are here to help. Please allow us to demonstrate the tools and options available to you. To schedule a training, please email your Crosby consultant: Darla Rosenfeld, Linda Fulton or Max Crosby



Don't forget to help us promote our Go Green! program for Reimbursement Account holders, offering E-Communications and Direct Deposit. Enrollees will benefit by receiving many communications via email and of course, faster claim payments. Participants may sign up via


Want A Healthy Section 125 Plan? 

Make Sure To Review Your Plans Annually


It isn't always easy to keep up with the various regulatory and legislative changes that take place each year in the health and welfare benefits arena. Crosby recommends that you perform these actions annually to ensure a healthy Section 125 Plan:

- Non Discrimination Testing
- Review Your Plan Documents with SPD

- HIPAA Privacy Notices for all plans

- Form 5500 filing, if applicable

If you would like assistance with any of these tasks, please email your Client Consultant:
Darla Rosenfeld, Linda Fulton or Max Crosby.


News Flash: 2012 HSA Limits Announced

Small Increases Seen In Annual Maximums

Description: IRS has released Revenue Procedure 2011-32 outlining the Health Savings Account (HSA) Annual Maximums for 2012. The amounts have increased (adjusted for inflation) for 2012:


    Individual: $3,100 (up from $3,050)

    Family: $6,250 (up from $6,150)


The HSA maximum annual catch-up contribution will remain at $1,000 for individuals who are age 55 and older.


New Commuter Laws In The Works & MTA Update

Recent Commuter Changes Making Headlines Across The Nation


Recently, two bills have been introduced by members of Congress (one in the US Senate and one in the US House) to help relieve commuters of excess burdens due to rises in gas prices.


The first bill (S. 1034, aka the Commuter Benefits Equity Act) was submitted by Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and would set the uniform dollar cap for transit and parking benefits to $230 a month (an increase of $110 for the transit portion of the benefit). This law, if passed, also includes a cost of living increase beginning in 2012.

Additionally, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), has proposed HR 1825, aka the Commuter Relief Act of 2011. This legislation is directed towards those who commute to work by bicycle, on foot, via vanpool or public transit; expanding certain tax credits for both individuals and employers alike. The following provisions are included in the bill:

Transit Equity: A uniform dollar cap would be set at $200.00 per month for the transit and parking benefit transportation fringe benefits.

Self Employed Extension of Transportation Fringe Benefits: Self-employed workers would be allowed to receive transit fringe benefits when commuting for work purposes.

Vanpool Credit: A 10% tax credit would be created vanpool vehicle and service expenditures, providing an incentive for employers and employees to share their commutes.

Multi-Modal Transportation: Commuters would be allowed to combine bike benefits with other transportation fringe benefits as long as the $200 monthly cap is not exceeded (e.g., individuals could use the $20 bike credit and still collect up to $180 of their public transit fringe benefit).


Parking Cash-out: Employers who directly subsidize their employees' parking expenses would be required to offer employees who commute in other ways a transit benefit or cash in lieu of a parking subsidy.


The Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York (MTA) Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and Metro-North Railroad (MNR) recently announced that June 30, 2011 is the last day they will accept pre-paid vouchers, including Commuter Check vouchers, as forms of payment for both Mail & Ride accounts and purchases at ticket windows. Visit the MTA website for more information.

Reminder: PO Box / Lock Box Changes Coming Soon

Improved Processes, Functionality, Efficiency Are On The Way

Description: a reminder, effective June 30, 2011, Crosby will close PO Box 929125, Needham, MA 02492. We began the transition away from this PO Box on January 1, 2010. Our forms and websites have been updated to reflect this change. FSA and HRA reimbursement requests should be mailed to: PO Box 25172, Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5172 (our FSA/HRA scanning vendor). Postcards with this new address have been mailed to those who sent mail to the 929125 box since June, 2010. Tuition Reimbursement requests should be mailed to: 27 Christina Street, Newton, MA 02461.



Description: communicated in our last newsletter, we're in the process of transitioning to our new banking partner, Rockland Trust. By partnering with Rockland, Crosby aims to improve its internal processes, reduce costs, and offer new capabilities. With this change comes a new bank lockbox address (for receiving COBRA and other direct bill payments):

"Client Name"
 c/o Crosby Benefit Systems

PO Box 981401

Boston, MA 02298-1401

Payments sent to the "old" PO (Lock) Box will be forwarded for six months. Clients utilizing their own lockbox will not be affected.



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