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October 2011: In This Issue

Crosby Volunteers Give Back

Managing Unsubstantiated Claims

Catch The Renewal Wave


October 10: Our offices will be closed for Columbus Day 

October 31
: Happy Halloween

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Community Servings Volunteer Outing

Crosby Employees Take Time To Give Back


Description: September, several Crosby employees donated their time to the volunteer program Community Servings, a non-profit organization located in Jamaica Plain. Community Servings provides healthy and nutritious meals to individuals and families residing in the greater Boston area living with critical and chronic illnesses. The goal of the program is to help those in need maintain their independence by delivering meals for free.

Crosby volunteers learned about the organization and safe food handling and then prepared meals in an assembly-line fashion, with each person at their own station. Strict cleanliness precautions were followed, as many Community Servings recipients have compromised immune systems. Some volunteers assisted by adding a protein, starch or vegetable dish to meal containers while others sealed packages that would be frozen and delivered at a future time.


There are many ways to contribute to Community Servings, including meal preparation, packaging and/or delivery and food or monetary donations. Beginning in October, Community Servings will have its 14th annual "Pie in the Sky" pie sale. Pies will be sold for $25; proceeds from the sale of one pie will help feed an individual for one week. To learn more about the Pie in the Sky pie sale, you may visit or visit the Community Servings website about how you can help. 


Everyone at Crosby who volunteered had a fantastic time working with Community Servings. We are excited about future volunteer opportunities with Community Servings and other local organizations.


Debit Card Pay-And-Chase Process

What You Can Do If A Claim Goes Unsubstantiated


Description: a plan year, there are usually a number of debit card transactions that are not properly adjudicated due to the lack of any or acceptable substantiation. In general, the following "pay-and-chase" processes are followed (in the order shown) to satisfy plan requirements for recouping outstanding monies for claims not paid correctly from a Health FSA:

 1. Require Repayment: Participants are notified that outstanding substantiation is required and offered several ways, including offsetting transactions with eligible claims or repayments.


2. Deny Access to the Card until payments are recovered. Participants are still able to submit for reimbursement by submitting paper claims.

3. If the participant does not repay the amount, employers may withhold the improper payment amount from the participant's paycheck. Please note that this method should be summarized in your plan document and it is recommended that you confirm with your legal counsel to determine whether state law permits this action.

 4. An employer may treat the payment as other business indebtedness if no action is taken by the participant.

5. Write off the amount: If all of the above steps have been taken but have proved unsuccessful, then the employer may write off the improper amount.

Detailed reporting on outstanding debit card transactions can be run from the Reports page on the Reimbursement Portal. If you'd like to learn how to Access this information or how to run these reports, please email
Darla Rosenfeld, Linda Fulton or Max Crosby.

> > Important Reminder
: As part of the National Health Care Reform Law, beginning in 2013, an annual limit of $2,500 will be enforced for Medical FSA deductions. This limit will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index starting in 2014.

Finally, please continue to promote our Go Green! initiative for Reimbursement Account holders, offering E-Communications and Direct Deposit. Enrollees will benefit by receiving many communications via email and of course, faster claim payments. Participants may sign up via


Catch The Renewal Wave 2012

Boost FSA Participation And Make The Most of Your Renewal


Description: many of our clients, Open Enrollment season is here again and we'd like to remind you that we are committed to helping you increase Flexible Spending Account participation. During these hard economic times, it is important that your employees understand the benefits of participating in an FSA. Crosby offers a number of tools to assist you with promoting FSA enrollment for your 2011 Plan Year.

Flex Debit Card: Our card adds convenience by giving participants direct access to their Medical FSA funds without having to pay out-of-pocket. With the improvement of electronic approval systems, our card is a great tool for increasing participation (saving you more on FICA) and increasing the value for your participants. If you don't have the Flex Debit Card, we encourage you to consider it today.


FSA Videos: Crosby offers two short videos (one with Flex Debit Card information and one without) promoting the benefits of an FSA. Both options can be found here on our website.


Benefit Fairs: Crosby receives many requests to participate in fairs, so please understand that scheduling is done on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. We encourage you to let us know as soon as possible so we may try to fulfill your request. To request our participation, please email Nancy D'Allessandro with the following information:


· Date and Time of fair

· Estimated attendance

· Location (please be specific)

· Parking arrangements

· Raffle - should Crosby contribute a raffle prize?


Crosby will attend benefit fairs upon request, subject to availability.


Customized Communications & Promotional Materials: We can include customized communication pieces with your employee enrollment packets. We also offer other valuable promotional materials to boost employee participation such as FSA brochures and informational one-pagers.


To take advantage of these solutions and learn more about preparing for your renewal season, please contact your Crosby Consultant.



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