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December 2011: In This Issue

A Time For Giving

Update: COBRA Non-Commencement Letters Login Page Enhancements

2012 Commuter Benefit Changes

Understanding The Debit Card


Dec 26: Happy Holidays. Our offices will be closed. 


Jan 2: Happy New Year! Our offices will be closed.


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Holiday Giving At Crosby

Helping Families This Holiday Season 


During this holiday season, the employees at Crosby are participating in several community service and gift giving opportunities within the local community.

Description: Description: is currently conducting a toiletry drive for Community Servings. Community Servings not only provides meals for housebound individuals, but also gift baskets to those in need of toiletry and cleaning items as over 85% of Community Servings clients live at or below the poverty line, and much of their limited income is needed to cover healthcare and prescription costs. Thus, there is little left for basic necessities such as toiletries, cleaning products and clothing. Crosby is happy to be helping those in need of these items.

Description: Description: the Center for Families at Children's Hospital Boston Crosby has also adopted a family. As part of this "adoption," Crosby will provide one age-appropriate gift per family member (such as clothing and/or non-electronic toys).


We will also visit and provide gift cards to the Center for Families, given to families in need so they can purchase necessary items for their families this holiday season. Gift cards allow families to choose just what they want or need such as food, household, and clothing items.


We are excited to help those in need during this holiday season and beyond and look forward to more charitable opportunities in the future.


COBRA Non-Commencement Letters

To Be Discontinued As Of January 1, 2012

Description: Description: non-commencement letters are not required under COBRA guidelines, Crosby has mailed them at the close of the COBRA election period to Qualified Beneficiaries. The purpose of these letters is to inform Qualified Beneficiaries that coverage in the COBRA Continuation Plan will not commence because no enrollment form was received. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these letters are returned to Crosby as undeliverable since many Qualified Beneficiaries change their address after they terminate employment. As a result, the benefit of these letters is not realized.

Due to the rising costs of mailing and managing these undeliverable letters, effective January 1, 2012, Crosby will no longer mail these letters at the end of the COBRA election period. If you would like Crosby to continue to mail letters to those who do not elect coverage under your COBRA plan, please contact your Crosby consultant in writing by December 31, 2011.


New Login Page Coming

Client and Participant Feedback Continues To Improve This Site


Description: Description: are pleased to announce the rollout of our new login page design. The enhanced features, based on client and participant feedback, are intended to improve functionality and usability. The updated login page will be launched during the first quarter, 2012 - likely in January. Features include:


► Easier Navigation

► New User Sign Up - a dedicated area for our new users

► Improved Forgot Password and Forgot Username functionality

► Dedicated Area for Returning Users

Here is a sneak peek of the new design:


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Please continue to help promote Crosby's Go Green! initiative for Reimbursement Account holders, offering E-Communications and Direct Deposit. Enrollees will benefit by receiving many communications via email and of course, faster claim payments. Participants may sign up via



2012 Pre-Tax Adjustments For Commuter Benefits

Transit Cap Reduced to $125, Parking Increased to $240


Description: Description: IRS recently announced the 2012 pre-tax limit cost of living increases. The pre-tax limit for the transit benefit will be $125/month and the parking benefit will be $240/month.

As part of the 2010 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), language was included that temporarily established an equal fringe benefit amount of $230/month each for both parking and transit. The provision was extended for 2011 but is set to expire at the end of this calendar year. Unless action is taken by Congress the new pre-tax amounts will take effect. The pre-tax limit changes will be implemented for either the January or February benefit months, depending on the employer.

Crosby will take steps to make all necessary changes as they relate to our ordering platform and claims processes and we will keep you informed of any new developments as they occur.


Understanding The Debit Card

When Receipts Are/Aren't Required And Other Helpful Hints

Description: Description: Flex Debit Card is a convenient enhancement to any Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA). As is typical for this time of year, Crosby sees a significant increase in Debit Card usage. Using the card enables cardholders to pay providers directly from their FSA. We'd like to remind you that participants may be asked to submit supporting documentation for some FSA purchases.

Supporting documentation may be required for:

► Co-payments (if participant is not enrolled in employer's medical plan)
► Dental and Vision expenses
► Other non-confirmable transactions

In general, participants are not required to submit supporting documentation for:

► Recurring expenses (the amount charged and merchant information must match the exact dollar amount and merchant information for each successive expense)
► Co-payments (if enrolled in employer's medical plan)
► Prescriptions
► IIAS retailers

Other Helpful Debit Card Hints:


* IIAS Retailers are one of the best places to use the Flex Debit Card (e.g. CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop) because these merchants have FSA Eligible items coded as eligible. Anytime an FSA Eligible product is purchased, transactions will be automatically approved and receipts will not need to be submitted.

* Purchases at Non-IIAS Pharmacies (e.g. an in-hospital pharmacy): If more than one prescription is purchased but the copay amounts are different, cardholders may request that their card is swiped separately, once for each prescription. This way, each prescription (of a various employer plan copay amount) will be automatically approved in our system.

* Cardholders should leave the Dentist or Optician with a detailed receipt (or itemized billing statement). Credit card receipts are not sufficient. Most Dental and Vision transactions will require that cardholders provide supporting documentation to have transactions approved. Click here to see what information is required on supporting documentation.

* Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are the best form of substantiation for medical and dental transactions.

> > Reminder
: As part of the National Health Care Reform Law, beginning in 2013, an annual limit of $2,500 will be enforced for Medical FSA deductions. This limit will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index starting in 2014.

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