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Nov/Dec 2011 vol 3

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Debit Card Receipts May Be Required

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2012 Changes For Commuter Benefits

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When Are Debit Card Receipts Required?
Helpful Hints About The Flex Debit Card


Description: Description: Description: employers offer the Flex Debit Card as a convenient enhancement to a Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA). As is typical for this time of year, Crosby sees a significant increase in Debit Card usage. Using your Flex Debit Card enables you to pay your provider directly from your FSA. However, we'd like to remind you that you may be asked to submit supporting documentation for some FSA purchases.


Supporting documentation may be required for:


► Co-payments (if not enrolled in employer's medical plan)
► Vision and dental expenses
► Other non-confirmable transactions

In general, you are not required to submit supporting documentation for:

► Recurring expenses (the amount and merchant information charged each time must match exactly for each successive expense to qualify as "recurring")
► Co-payments (if enrolled in employer's medical plan)
► Prescriptions
IIAS retailers

Other Helpful Debit Card Hints:


* IIAS Retailers are among the easiest places to use your Flex Debit Card (e.g. CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop). These merchants have coded FSA Eligible items so that anytime you purchase an FSA Eligible product, your transactions automatically approve and you will not have to submit supporting documentation.

* If you make a purchase at a Non-IIAS Pharmacy (e.g. an in-hospital pharmacy) and you purchase more than one prescription and the copay amounts are different, request that the pharmacy swipe your card separately, once for each prescription. This way, each prescription (of a various employer plan copay amount), will be automatically approved in our system.

* Don't leave the Dentist or Optician without a DETAILED RECEIPT (or itemized billing statement). Credit Card receipts are not sufficient. Most Dental and Vision transactions will require that you provide supporting documentation to have the transactions approved. Click here to see what information is required on your supporting documentation.

* Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are the best form of substantiation for medical and dental transactions.

For more information about your Flex Debit Card, you may visit the FAQ section within the participant area of


Get Your Money Faster!

Take Advantage of Direct Deposit and Our Online Claims Process

Description: Description: Description: will save time (and the cost of a stamp) when you submit your Medical and Dependent Care FSA claims online via Our goal is to offer you speedy processing options and our claims processing turnaround time has never been faster. Once a claim is received into our processing queue, you can expect your claim to be reviewed and distributed within about two business days (mail delivery, employer reimbursement schedules and bank processing times may vary).

Get Direct Deposit and receive reimbursements directly into the bank account of your choosing.

As always, we encourage our Reimbursement Account Holders to
Go Green! Enroll Now to receive communications electronically (e.g. Debit Card, Claims Submitted, Denial Notifications).


2012 Pre-Tax Limit Adjustment For Commuter Benefits

Transit Cap Reduced to $125, Parking Increased to $240


Description: Description: Description: IRS recently announced the 2012 pre-tax limit cost of living increases. The pre-tax limit for the transit benefit will be $125/month and the parking benefit will be $240/month.

As part of the 2010 American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), language was included that temporarily established an equal fringe benefit amount of $230/month each for both parking and transit. The provision was extended for 2011 but is set to expire at the end of this calendar year. Unless action is taken by Congress the new pre-tax amounts will take effect. The pre-tax limit changes will be implemented for either the January or February benefit months, depending on your employer.

Crosby will take steps to make all necessary changes as they relate to our ordering platform and claims processes and we will keep you informed of any new developments as they occur.



Community Servings Volunteer Outing
Crosby Employees Give Back

Description: Description: Description: September, several Crosby employees donated their time to the volunteer program Community Servings, a non-profit organization located in Jamaica Plain. Community Servings provides healthy and nutritious meals to individuals and families residing in the greater Boston area living with critical and chronic illnesses. The goal of the program is to help those in need maintain their independence by delivering meals for free.

Crosby volunteers learned about the organization and safe food handling and then prepared meals in an assembly-line fashion, with each person at their own station. Strict cleanliness precautions were followed, as many Community Servings recipients have compromised immune systems. Some volunteers assisted by adding a protein, starch or vegetable dish to meal containers while others sealed packages that would be frozen and delivered at a future time.


There are many ways to contribute to Community Servings, including meal preparation, packaging and/or delivery and food or monetary donations. In October, Community Servings kicked off its 14th annual "Pie in the Sky" pie sale. Pies are $25 and proceeds from the sale of one pie will help feed an individual for one week. To learn more about the Pie in the Sky pie sale, you may visit or visit the Community Servings website about how you can help. 


Everyone at Crosby who volunteered had a fantastic time working with Community Servings. We are excited about future volunteer opportunities with Community Servings and other local organizations.

Commuter Nation Is Here

Building Commuter Benefit Awareness

Description: Description: Description: Nation is here! This interactive site targets current and potential commuter participants by offering a forum to promote awareness about pre-tax commuter benefits and offers ways to save you money on your commute. Take a tour or sign up for the "Daily Commute," a daily email that provides commuting tips and promotions from the site's sponsors, as well as general commuter news.

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